Black Arrow

The Black Arrow rod series impresses with a fast and perfected NET-V III carbon blank and high-quality FUJI components. The simple black design of the rod looks very elegant and timeless. The Black Arrow rod series, which was developed for active fun fishing for perch, trout and asp, has a strong backbone and effortlessly tames even larger predatory fish. Full rod power for lighter lure fishing!
BLACK ARROW 2,36M 3,0-18G
HY BA S 05
315.00 € 315.0 EUR
BLACK ARROW 2,36M 2,0-14G
HY BA S 04
305.00 € 305.0 EUR
BLACK ARROW 2,22M 3,0-18G
HY BA S 03
299.00 € 299.0 EUR
BLACK ARROW 2,22M 2,0-14G
HY BA S 02
299.00 € 299.0 EUR
BLACK ARROW 2,10M 1,5-10G
HY BA S 01
279.00 € 279.0 EUR