Predator III
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By using the new NET-V III Carbon technology and a brand new FUJI ring set, the FUJI SIC-S, K-Series, we have managed to reduce the weight by around 10 to 25 grams depending on the model while maintaining the same robustness and durability like the previous model. We essentially left the action of the rods as it was on the tried and tested 2 model, but the tip action of the H models became more sensitive and appeared a little more dynamic. The Predator III has an ultra fast taper, extreme power blank construction with a 1:6 bend ratio. This ensures a quick reaction when biting, enables easy bait guidance and accuracy when casting.

Powerful spin fishing with the Predator III!
Predator III 2,67M 50-150G
409.00 € 409.0 EUR
Predator III 2,67M 30-100G
399.00 € 399.0 EUR
Predator III 2,67M 10-50G
389.00 € 389.0 EUR
Predator III 2,67M 20-70G
399.00 € 399.0 EUR
Predator III 2,20M 10-50G
339.00 € 339.0 EUR
Predator III 2,22M 8-38G
329.00 € 329.0 EUR
Predator III Cast 2,35M 70-150G
329.00 € 329.0 EUR