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Skywalker Shore Jigging
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Shore jigging, popular with experienced sea anglers, requires rods that can withstand the harsh conditions, such as rough salt water and brutal escapes of exotic predatory fish. With the Skywalker Shore Jigging series, we offer you exclusive rods that are perfectly tailored to the traveling shore angler. Phenomenal components, brilliant workmanship in the usual Hearty Rise quality and a super transport size, so that you can stow your travel rod in almost any hand luggage. Each model from the Skywalker Shore Jigging series comes in a comfortable case, which is about 70cm long. Here you will find a great selection of different models for spinning for grouper and co.

Fishing for exotic sea fish with the best shore jigging rods, endless fun!
Skywalker Shore Jigging 2,91M max 120G
399.00 € 399.0 EUR
Skywalker Shore Jigging 2,91M max 100G
389.00 € 389.0 EUR
Skywalker Shore Jigging 2,91M max 80G
379.00 € 379.0 EUR
Skywalker Shore Jigging 2,91M max 60G
339.00 € 339.0 EUR