Slash Monster Travel Peacock
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Our Slash Monster Travel Peacock series is specially designed for travelers hunting peacocks in the Amazon or looking for big pike in Sweden, Ireland and Spain. Each individual model brings a significant power and is therefore versatile. With the various Slash Monster Travel rods, a wide variety of artificial baits such as sticks, poppers, bigbaits, bucktail jigs and propeller baits can be easily cast and presented in a seductive manner. Thanks to the small transport dimensions, you can easily stow the rods in your suitcase. The rods are made from the highest quality NET-V III carbon fiber fabrics from Hearty Rise. The exclusive Fuji components they are equipped with ensure comfortable and fatigue-free fishing. The ergonomically shaped EVA handle and adapted reel seat are comfortable to hold and give you the support you need during the fight. Here you will find a great selection of ingenious rod models for spin and baitcasting fishing!
Slash Monster BC 1,80M Max 85G
349.00 € 349.0 EUR
Slash Monster BC 1,98M 10-60G
359.00 € 359.0 EUR
Slash Monster BC 2,10M 20-80G
359.00 € 359.0 EUR
Slash Monster S 1,98M 10-60G
355.00 € 355.0 EUR
Slash Monster S 2,10M 20-80G
355.00 € 355.0 EUR