Slow Jigging III S
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The Slow Jigging III S-Series was wound with the latest generation of Toray CA T1 100G carbon fibers, coupled with nanotechnology and reinforced with DOUBLE HELIX-X. This conceptual blank combines delicacy, power and progressive action like never before. This rod series was specially developed by our Malaysian friends at Hearty Rise for extreme slow jigging. The low weight of the various rods, the slim and powerful construction, coupled with their speed and power, make these models a jewel of technology!
Slow Jig Cast S X 1,76M/800G
649.00 € 649.0 EUR
Slow Jig Cast S X 1,76M/500G
639.00 € 639.0 EUR
Slow Jig Cast S X 1,76M/340G
589.00 € 589.0 EUR