Skywalker Popping
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Fishing for exotic predatory fish is becoming more and more popular and is very trendy. The high demands of experienced sea anglers and the tough conditions, such as rough salt water and hard-fighting fish, require high-performance rods that can withstand corrosion. Thanks to extensive engineering work, we have launched a powerful rod series with the Skywalker Popping, which meets the high demands. Each individual model is based on selected components, such as the Fuji Alconite KW ring set, and is supplied in an easily transportable case that is around 71 cm long. A phenomenal selection of different models in the usual Hearty Rise quality can be found here!

Masterpieces with the best components!
Skywalker Popping 2,38M 20-60G
369.00 € 369.0 EUR
Skywalker Popping 2,55M 100-250G
419.00 € 419.0 EUR
Skywalker Popping 2,55M 100-200G
HY SW P 854 HH
409.00 € 409.0 EUR
Skywalker Popping 2,50M 50-150G
HY SW P 834 H
409.00 € 409.0 EUR
Skywalker Popping 2,45M 30-120G
HY SW P 814 MH
409.00 € 409.0 EUR
Skywalker Popping 2,40M 20-100G
HY SW P 7114 M
399.00 € 399.0 EUR
Skywalker Popping 2,38M 50-120G
379.00 € 379.0 EUR
Skywalker Popping 2,38M 100-220G
399.00 € 399.0 EUR